Jamie Douglas
Full Name Jamie Ian Douglas
Species Scorpion
Gender Male
Birthplace Blazia
Neptune Universe
Team Neptune
Family Unknown

Jamie Douglas (ジェイミ・ダグラス Jeimī Dagurasu), whose full name is never addressed in the series, is the third member of Team Neptune, owing to his close friendship with Midnight and El.

Originally, his key skill was going to be archery, and he is shown using his bow as a weapon in Collision. While this aspect of his character was never formally removed, he has yet to use it since. His other main method of defence is his stinger, which, as is established during The Element Emeralds Adventures, has enough strength to pierce a living being's chest, and inject potentially-fatal venom.

His personality is remarkably laid-back and playful, marking a distinct difference between his chilled-out behaviour and El's childishness, and juxtaposing Midnight's more serious tendencies. Aside from this, very little is ever mentioned about his background or origins, meaning that his place of origin and his heritage remain unknown for the moment.

Role in the original trilogy and AdventuresEdit

Jamie makes a cameo in Triple Sevens, but only puts in a proper appearance as a character in Collision, as part of Team Neptune's introduction to the series. In this time, he is portrayed as a light-hearted, playful counterbalance to Midnight's emotional lows at that time in the plot arc.

Role in ATEEEdit

Jamie appears very infrequently in later instalments of the series, implying, perhaps, that he has grown apart from the adventurous days of his youth. However, it is made clear that he, Midnight and El all retain their friendship, to such an extent that the former trusts Jamie to look after his children when he cannot do so himself.


Original trilogyEdit

  • The Element Emeralds 3: Collision

The Element Emerald AdventuresEdit

  • The Last Train
  • Into The Shadows
  • Mid-Night Terrors
  • The Final Chapter (Acts II and III)

After The Element EmeraldsEdit

  • Coming Home


  • Teenage Life
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