Lucas Blackwell
Full Name Lucas Brendan Blackwell
Species Wolf
Gender Male
Age 18 (TEE3)
19-21 (TEEA)
39 (ATEE)
Birthplace Inferno Universe
Team Inferno
Family Henry Griffin (uncle)
Amber Griffin (aunt)
Tanya Griffin (cousin)
Leonel 'Wes' Griffin (cousin)
Travis Griffin (first cousin, once removed)
Jeane Griffin (first cousin, once removed)
Jade Prower (cousin)
Megan Prower (first cousin, once removed)
Mileena Griffin (cousin)
Jake Blackwell (son)
Elizabeth Blackwell (spouse)

Lucas Blackwell (研二黒仕方 Kenji Kuroshikata) is Leonel 'Wes' Griffin's older cousin, and fellow member of Team Inferno. He shares several traits with Wes, although he is shown to be relatively more laid-back, light-heartedly less mature, and not quite as intelligent, making up for these shortcomings by being more experienced in the art of adventuring, in exchange.

Though ostensibly charged with caring for Wes in place of his parents, Lucas is often absent, substituting his responsibilities with his taste for adventure. As such, while he is enthusiastic and strong-willed, he does not handle positions of power well, lending him a sense of unreliability.

To date, the only counterpart from another universe that he has been shown to have is Lucy Blackwell.

Role in the original trilogy and AdventuresEdit

Lucas does not appear until the third instalment of the original trilogy, where he makes up one third of the original iteration of Team Inferno. It is strongly implied that Team Inferno's formation occurred some time between Triple Sevens and Collision, based on his relationship with his team-mates.

Role in ATEEEdit

Much like the other members of Team Inferno, as of After The Element Emeralds, Lucas is shown to have made the transition into fatherhood, although he is rarely seen, implying that he never really shook off the vices of his youth.


Original trilogyEdit

  • The Element Emeralds 3: Collision

The Element Emerald AdventuresEdit

  • The Little Stranger
  • The Jaded Journey
  • Lockdown
  • The Final Chapter (Acts I and III)

After The Element Emeralds Edit

  • Spirit of Nature


  • Teenage Life
  • Teenage Life: Stand Proud
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