Michael Prower
Full Name Michael 'Midnight' David Prower
Species Bicaudal fox
Gender Male
Age 14 (TEE)
16 (TEE2/3)
17-19 (TEEA)
37 (ATEE)
Birthplace Qulius Island, Blazia
Neptune Universe
Team Neptune
Family Chekra Prower (father)
Rosemary Prower (mother)
Miles Prower (brother)
Leslie Prower (brother)
Sidney Prower (brother)
Robert Prower (brother)
Dawn Prower (sister)
Misty Prower (spouse)
Rex Prower (son)
Regina Prower (daughter)
Midnight Prower (Inferno) (nephew)

Michael Prower (マヨナカ・パウアー Mayonaka Pauā), normally referred to as Midnight, is the leader of Team Neptune, and a close ally and best friend of Leonel 'Wes' Griffin.

He possesses a small number of supernatural abilities. Mainly, he has the power of psychokinesis, which he tries to limit his use of as the series progresses, and, when under particularly prominent emotional strain, he can involuntarily transform into a werewolf-like monster. In exchange for these abilities, he has no heartbeat. He is also shown to have an uncanny capacity for foreign languages.

Although it is left ambiguous within the series, his major weakness is his own insecurities, which he tends to bottle up deep within himself, leading to occasional manic-depressive-apathetic episodes. Officially, he has a fear of helplessness and athazagoraphobia, though this has only manifested itself once, and could be misinterpreted as xenophobia or arachnophobia.

Midnight has the most other-universe counterparts of all the characters in the series, with no less than 7, to date. In order of appearance: Nega-Midnight (who had two incarnations), Sir Safir, Midnight Prower (Inferno), Corsair, Middy Prower, and Madeleine Prower.

Role in the original trilogy and AdventuresEdit

Midnight is the secondary main protagonist in the original trilogy, accompanied by Leonel in the first two instalments, then takes a more prominent role in the third, as leader of Team Neptune.

Over the course of those instalments, he shows shades of cunning and calculation, juxtaposed with emotional sensitivity and internal conflict.

Role in ATEEEdit

In After The Element Emeralds, it becomes apparent that years of being a father have eased the difficulties he had been facing inside as a youth, allowing for him to face his adulthood comfortably, though this occasionally comes off as apathy towards his family, which Rex, initially, does not take kindly to.

He is shown to have been highly successful in the years between The Element Emerald Adventures and After The Element Emeralds, having won his world's analogue to the Eurovision Song Contest no less than three times, alongside his siblings, who, together, form the band Muse. In addition to this, he is shown to have been employed by the Blazian Royal Family as an interpreter, because of his skills with languages.


Original trilogyEdit

  • The Element Emeralds
  • The Element Emeralds: Triple Sevens
  • The Element Emeralds 3: Collision

The Element Emerald AdventuresEdit

  • Moonlight Museum
  • The Miasma
  • The Last Train
  • Into The Shadows
  • Mid-Night Terrors
  • The Final Chapter (Acts II and III)

After The Element EmeraldsEdit

  • Rockefeller Street
  • Russian Girl
  • Work Your Magic


  • Teenage Life
  • Teenage Life: Stand Proud
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