The Element EmeraldsEdit

The Element Emeralds is a collection of action-adventure and mystery stories co-written by That Guy and Alex64, chiefly set in two universes, labelled Inferno and Neptune, that are parallel to the universe of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise (as the series began life as Sonic fanfiction) and 'perpendicular' to one another.


The series follows the adventures of Team Inferno (consisting of Wes, his cousin Lucas, and his sister, Jade, the latter of whom was later replaced by Carol) and Team Neptune (consisting of Midnight, Prince 'El' Elagabalus, the Prince Royal of the nation of Blazia; and their mutual friend Jamie).

The plot heavily borrows elements from existing media, such as the Legend of Zelda franchise, amongst other video-game series, and television series like Doctor Who.

Currently, the series is divided into four key areas: the 'original trilogy', consisting of the three instalments that started the series; the Element Emerald Adventures, a series of shorter, but more in-depth episodes in the time period that follows the original trilogy; After The Element Emeralds, a sequel series that followed the next generation of the original cast; and the small collection of spin-offs from the series, which are, compared to the main series, not considered wholly part of the same canon.

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